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We pride ourselves on not just creating an environment that is inspiring and fun to work in, but we also believe in putting employees first, giving them access to a number of benefits.

Be the best you can be

Not only does this ensure that we are looking after individuals who work at Parallel both personally and professionally, but it’s our way of ensuring that they feel equipped with all the tools and added perks so they can have a healthy work-life balance, too!

Parallel in work benefits

Employee benefits

Looking after you

So, whether you’re into Michelin Star restaurants, fun group activities like go-karting, want the option to work from multiple locations across the globe, or love the flexibility to take time off when you please – there’s something for everyone at Parallel.

Looking for our US benefits?
  • Dog-Friendly Office

    Bring your small, furry friend to work! Just clear it with your manager :)

  • Annual VIP Trip

    Annual Top Billers' trips to the likes of Miami, Las Vegas, Cape Town, and more! Where do you want to go?

  • Treat Subscriptions

    Discount platform with a whole host of perks, discounts, and benefits.

  • Company Socials

    Culture is everything. At Parallel, we’re friends first and we will always foster that.

  • Snacks on snacks

    A fed employee, is a happy employee. We offer a variety of fresh fruit and you are guaranteed to be passed a Haribo or five!

  • Quarterly Lunch Clubs

    We want to wine and dine you at the best London Michelin star restaurants because you're worth it.

  • Free Gym

    We encourage our employees to keep their brain as healthy as possible! Our free gym helps our team stay focused and fresh.

  • Birthday Day Off

    Get your Birthday Day off (on top of annual leave allowance).

Mental health first aiders

Mental health

It’s no secret that the pandemic propelled the need for mental health support into the spotlight, but for us, it’s always been just as important to look after your mental health as it is your physical health!

We also have mental first-aiders based in our UK office, offering global support across the business.

What does this mean?

  • Our first-aiders champion mental health initiatives in the office and break the stigma globally across the organisation.
  • We position mental health as a boardroom issue, on par with physical health.
  • We focus on cultivating a psychologically safe environment for all employees.
  • Demonstrate how well-being has a positive impact on the business.
Parallel Consulting - Our Pillars: Collaborative

Wellness benefits

Wellbeing is in our culture

Finally, we initiate and support activities that Parallel should look to undertake to create a mentally healthy workplace culture, proactively promote wellbeing, address the causes of work-related mental health problems and support staff who are experiencing mental health problems.  

 Our aim is to ensure that employees and managers are supported to create mentally healthy workplace environments and that those in need of help can easily access support. 

  • Work Flexibility

    In 2020 we learned that you don’t have to be in an office to get things done. You will be supported to work flexibly and are given the autonomy you need to get the job done.

  • Mental Health First Aiders

    We provide access to certified Mental Health first aiders, who champion mental health initiatives in the office and break the stigma globally across the organisation. Ensuring mental health as a boardroom issue, on par with physical health and focusing on cultivating a psychologically safe environment for all employees. They are on hand for a listening ear, and to point you in the right direction of our various resources on offer to you!

  • Gym access

    We have a gym across the road from our office, completely free 7 days a week for all employees at Parallel. Enjoy an extended lunch break and get your endorphins going, and access some excellent facilities or classes.

  • Mindfulness with Aura

    Finding peace in the chaos is sometimes necessary, especially to reduce stress levels and improve your overall wellbeing. Our partnership with Aura focuses not only on meditation and mindfulness techniques, but also on personal growth, ensuring that we have a holistic offering for our employees’ needs. This is part of our Perkbox wellness hub!

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